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Cast post and silver point removal
14 March 2015

Historic PA

The upper left 7 was treated in 2012 my myself.
Recently the upper left 6 started giving the patient pain. Radiological examination comfirmed a diagnosis of chronic periapical periodontitis.
Access was gained through the bonded crown the cast post exposed and ultrasonics used to vibrate the post out. The 3 silver points were also vibrated out usung a finer ultrasonic tip.
A second visit was booked where the canals were prepared using hand and Reciproc files. After irrigation with sodium hypochlorite, EDTA and chlorohexidine the canals were dried and obturated with GP 150 and AH+ Sealer using the Obtura only. Squirt technique.

7 completed
Post and file removed
Post op rad
Post op 2