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Retreat and Wave One
29 November 2013

Pre op

Patient self referred for RCT 36 as waiting list for endodontist in Essex was 4 weeks!
History of pain LL quadrant.
IOE well fitting PBC 36, no swelling or mobility. No pathological pocketing. 36 was slightly TTP.
Radiological examination revealed radiolucent area related to the apicies of the mesial roots of 36 and also the apex of what appears to be a 2 rooted 35.
Diagnosis of chronic periapical periodontitis 36 (35).
Retreat was with Wave one red file, and use of Eucolytous oil to melt the GP, C+ files to reach WL followed by Wave One to WL. Irrigation with sodium hypochlorite, EDTA and R4.
4 canals were discovered.
Obturation with 150 GP "squirted" with Obtura using smart seal bio as a sealer. A relatively new "biocombatible" sealer containing di and tri Calcium silicate, calcium phosphate monobasic and bismuth oxide.

Post op