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Root resection, perforation repair, and re endo
24 December 2011


Interesting case I saw at review this week. Patient is 57 year old male MH NAD. Previous history of treatment of 26 1 year previously. Never settled properly, previous GDP advised XLA.

26 was slightly TTP and radiographic exam revealed missed anatomy distal root and poorly obturated mesial and palatal canals.
Pt was given option of XLA or investigation for re RCT, advising poor/guarded prognosis.
26 was opened and blood was found in the pulp chamber.

A diagnosis of a mesial perforation was made. This was sealed with GI and the palatal and distal canal prepared and obturated.

A relieving flap was then made and the mesial root resected. The perf and coronal aspect of the mesial root was sealed with Fugi 9 by placing it in the accessing cavity and applying pressure, removing excess that escaped through the perf.

The rad below is the review at 1 year. Pain has resolved and healing good. No mobility. Pt happy!

root canal birmingham worcester

Blood was found in pulp chamber
Sealed with Fugi 9
Slight bone loss mesially