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Diagnosis and retreat
16 March 2013

Pre op

A local hygienist contacted the practice regarding pain from a first molar that had recent endodontic treatment.
Pre op rad the RF in 26 looks fairly good. However we know nothing of the biolgical aspect of the proceedure, the aseptic and antiseptic technique. If you look closely the MB root has a short obturation and there appears to be a radiolucent area at the apex of the palatal root. The MB root has a curve which might make a retreat tricky.
The 26 was retreated over 2 visits. The GP was removed by using eucolyptous oil and hand files to gently remove the material until working lengths were achieved. The MB was then prepared with F2 Protaper and the palatal with F3, irrigated with
sodium hypochlorite and EDTA and dressed with calcium hydroxide.
Symptoms had resolved within a week and so the six was obturated.

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Post op